3D Scanning

We’ve been measuring forklifts’ bodies using the 3D mobile laser scanner since 2008. Using this scanner we can scan any 3D object, and then we can make a 3D model in SolidWorks designing software. This scanner can be used in many applications as model designing, art industry, copying of shapes, tools designing, etc. You can use this chance, too! Our staff will be happy to help you in any project.

Description scanner

Handyscan, a handheld laser scanner that allows relative motion a body scanner during scanning. Handyscan 3D positional identifying marks on the body or the mat and using two cameras captures laser cross on the body. The computer displays real-time image sensing element and the laser cross and automatically generates a mesh.

With this technology for detecting and analysing data can very easily capture and shape complex models. Brand positioning allows you to automatically determine the relative position of the scanner, and the scanned body. The resulting network is automatically calculated based on all scanned data according to the selected resolution. The system records all images and the ability to create data continuously refine and modify. The immediate result display scanning speeds up to find places that have not been scanned, or require more detailed scan.


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