High Pressure Water-Jet

DFK Cab Ltd. manufacturing cabs for forklift trucks, has been using the high pressure water jet cutting machine for cutting of various material for many clients.

Benefits of using a water jet:

Laser cutting is generally used for metal materials only.

- Water jet offers excellent cutting quality on all types of materials.
- The thickness of the cut material is limited to a maximum of 200 mm.
- Working area up to 2000 x 4000 mm.
- Possibility to cut in different qualities of cut Q5 - Q1 with different price.


Using the water jet technology can be cut:

- heat sensitive materials
- superalloys materials
- materials clogging the cutting tool
- marble, granite, ceramics, glass, tiles, leather, wood, cork ...
- rubber, insulation, foam material, foam, polystyrene, kevlar, plastic, plexiglass ...
- composites, sandwich materials, glass wool ...
- all types of steel including stainless steel, hardened, tool steel ...
- non-ferrous metals and their alloys such as aluminum, alloy, brass, copper ...

Examples of applications:

Samples of water jet cutting at different materials.

Polyamide Granite Spring steel
Brass Tiles Glass
Duraluminium Stainless steel Rubber