Cabins for Forklift Trucks

DFK Cab Ltd. manufactures Modular Metal Cabs, transparent Polycarbonate Cabs and Soft PVC foil (Canvas) Cabins for various types of forklift trucks. These are mounted onto existing trucks' overhead guards. Cabs are equipped with lockable doors with opening safety glass windows, wipers and washers.

Cabins can be equipped with hot water or electric heaters in accordance with the truck's engine. Our assortment of cabs is over 600 models for more than 20 brands of forklift trucks. We are also able to manufacture cabins for non-standard trucks (lowered trucks with a container high, narrowed drive - in trucks, etc.). In such case the cabin is designed and manufactured specifically for the unique truck.

We supply our cabs to customers in wooden transport boxes or we also provide the assembly of cabins by our technicians at the customers' plants. We produce our cabins in five levels. Each level can be ordered and supplied separately.

 Level 1  roof
 Level 2  roof + front panel
 Level 3  roof + front panel + rear panel
 Level 4  roof + front panel + rear panel + doors
 Level 5  roof + front panel + rear panel + doors + heater